What does the BMLA do?



The association improves communication and engagement in the community through a newsletter, an annual meeting, and a social media account. Other topical meetings are held as needed such as on invasive species.


The association supports local non-profit organizations. Recent beneficiaries include the Indian Lake Schools, Community Action (the local food bank), the Adirondack Experience (museum), and the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts.


A portable toilet for the town playground and tennis courts is rented for the summer months.

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The association's Beautification Committee maintains flower beds and container gardens around the hamlet.

Roadside cleanups to remove litter.

Water Quality

The association’s Water Watch committee sponsors an on-going professional study by the Adirondack Watershed Institute of the lake's tributaries, monitoring contamination by road salt and nutrients.

The association participates in Protect the Adirondacks' Adirondack Lakes Assessment Program. Volunteers take samples from multiple points on the lake five times a season.

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The association maintains contacts with the New York Department of Transportation and the Hamilton County and Town of Indian Lake highway departments to stay aware of highway projects and to provide community input.



An association representative attends monthly Indian Lake Town Board meetings as a non-voting observer, occasionally commenting on items of Blue Mountain Lake interest.


Invasive Species

Volunteers survey the three lakes of the Eckford Chain (Blue, Eagle, and Utowana Lakes) for the presence of invasive aquatic plants using canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards.

Professional divers are hired both to inspect the lake bottoms and to remove aquatic invasive specifies such as Variable Leaf Milfoil using state of the art techniques. The work is done under permits from the New York Department of Conservation.

Donations are made to the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program to help suppress roadside invasive vegetation such as Japanese Knotweed.

Lake Safety

Volunteers place and maintain buoys in the lakes to identify dangerous rocks and to outline channels between the lakes.

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Sporting Events

The association organizes two sporting events to benefit our project fund; a 5K road race/walk
and a paddling and rowing race with three distances.


Check out this video for a recap of the paddling/rowing race in 2018.

Additional Projects

  • Installing motion-detector lighting in the town's restroom at the beach

  • Managing a grant to subsidize septic system cleaning and inspection

  • Providing a sun shelter for the playground

  • Installing a refurbished vintage telephone booth and bench across from the Post Office

  • Erecting the beach pavilion